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Every year, in September, The International Coastal Cleanup takes place worldwide. This effort is spearheaded by The Ocean Conservancy in an effort to end the flow of trash at the source. We collaborate with to connect with volunteers across South Florida in our own effort to stop litter at its source. 

It is said more than 80% of the annual input of plastic litter comes from land-based sources. This is why Love Hope Music focuses on community cleanups. 


This year, over 40 volunteers joined our cleanup, and three-performer lineup, in an effort that helped remove 415-pounds of litter from the streets. Together, we removed plastic, styrofoam, and other non-biodegradable materials scattered throughout the neighborhood and laying just feet away from storm drains which lead to our waterways. This year's ICC event underscored what we see in all of our monthly cleanups, that these volunteer cleanups are very important. There is an immediate benefit in cleaning our community's streets as well as a lasting one. As a proud South Floridians we believe we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and regular upkeep is the best way to make sure it stays that way. Cleaning up harmful litter minimizes the chances of our wildlife being injured or killed. These are a couple of immediate benefits but, to leave a lasting impression, we also educate our volunteers between our music sets and throughout the cleanup. That is not all; also, locals see us cleaning up and it makes them think twice before littering. Best of all, parents bring their children, students come with their classmates, and groups bring their friends. At the end, local musicians play their heart out for all of us. Together we get to enjoy a music show in quality time while taking care of our community.

You can join us every month at one of our sessions, just look for the next Love Hope Music - Community Cleanup

Love Hope Music - Community Cleanup 

After every cleanup there is a music session at a local small businesses. 

ICC2021-Lincoln's Beard Brewery




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