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Behind The Music

Love Hope Music is a, non-profit, community engagement program that is raising awareness for local philanthropy by bringing live music to the site of local initiatives. Our monthly sessions address the needs of each initiative, while offering the healing power of music and companionship during a unique experience for those affected and involved.  

Our efforts are offered with dignity to those affected by local causes, so that their needs may be met with our pure intentions and so a relationship may be created, based on mutual respect and affection. Our vision is that Love Hope Music will become your first choice for local philanthropy, and a top-tier program for raising awareness about those in need and the initiatives addressing causes affecting our neighbors..

A message from the founders:


Hi, thank you for taking a look behind the music to read a little bit about our program goals and how it all started.  Love Hope Music was inspired by our local lifestyle brand, Love Hope. As our giveback brand began to grow throughout our community, we were honored to meet great locals, dedicated to wearing their cause, who supported our vision and became Ambassadors of Hope. Among these Ambassadors of Hope were people from many different lifestyles, some of our biggest supporters were involved in the creation and/or curation of music and musicians.  

One day, while visiting one of the Love Hope beneficiaries, we found out that they held an 'Open Mic' in the Music Therapy program for the attending individuals. Having met so many talented musicians in our community who wanted to use their talent to bring joy to those in need, we asked to bring our friends as performers for the 'Open Mic'. This created a wonderful giveback opportunity for the musicians, and a fun way to raise awareness for the beneficiary and cause.  Very quickly; requests to bring Love Hope Music to other initiatives began coming in, and we started to expand.

Just four months after our first music session at The Wow Center, which is now known as Love Hope Music - at WOW, we began Love Hope Music - with The Less Fortunate, and most recently we started our third installment that is known as Love Hope Music - Community Cleanup. 

We now hold four sessions each month, and we invite you to our next one. Check our event schedule HERE

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